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Keel (n.) A barge or lighter, used on the Type for carrying coal from Newcastle; also, a barge load of coal, twenty-one tons, four cwt.
Keel (n.) A brewer's cooling vat; a keelfat.
Keel (n.) A longitudinal timber, or series of timbers scarfed together, extending from stem to stern along the bottom of a vessel. It is the principal timber of the vessel, and, by means of the ribs attached on each side, supports the vessel's frame. In an iron ves
Keel (n.) A projecting ridge along the middle of a flat or curved surface.
Keel (n.) Fig.: The whole ship.
Keel (n.) The two lowest petals of the corolla of a papilionaceous flower, united and inclosing the stamens and pistil; a carina. See Carina.
Keel (v. i.) To traverse with a keel; to navigate.
Keel (v. i.) To turn up the keel; to show the bottom.
Keel (v. t. & i.) To cool; to skim or stir.
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