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Kite (n.) A light frame of wood or other material covered with paper or cloth, for flying in the air at the end of a string.
Kite (n.) A lofty sail, carried only when the wind is light.
Kite (n.) A quadrilateral, one of whose diagonals is an axis of symmetry.
Kite (n.) Any raptorial bird of the subfamily Milvinae, of which many species are known. They have long wings, adapted for soaring, and usually a forked tail.
Kite (n.) Fictitious commercial paper used for raising money or to sustain credit, as a check which represents no deposit in bank, or a bill of exchange not sanctioned by sale of goods; an accommodation check or bill.
Kite (n.) Fig. : One who is rapacious.
Kite (n.) The belly.
Kite (n.) The brill.
Kite (v. i.) To raise money by "kites;" as, kiting transactions. See Kite, 6.
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