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Ladle - Meaning from English-Bangla Dictionary
Pronunciation (উচ্চারন শুনুন)
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Ladle (v. t.) A cuplike spoon, often of large size, with a long handle, used in lading or dipping.
Ladle (v. t.) A ring, with a handle or handles fitted to it, for carrying shot.
Ladle (v. t.) A vessel to carry liquid metal from the furnace to the mold.
Ladle (v. t.) An instrument for drawing the charge of a cannon.
Ladle (v. t.) The float of a mill wheel; -- called also ladle board.
Ladle (v. t.) To take up and convey in a ladle; to dip with, or as with, a ladle; as, to ladle out soup; to ladle oatmeal into a kettle.
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