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Lively - Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonyms: Vivid, Vigorous, Brisk, Keen, Vivacious, Spirited
Antonyms: Listless, Languid, Languorous, Lethargic, Lifeless, Immobile
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Lively (adv.) In a brisk, active, or animated manner; briskly; vigorously.
Lively (adv.) With strong resemblance of life.
Lively (superl.) Bright; vivid; glowing; strong; vigorous.
Lively (superl.) Brisk; vivacious; active; as, a lively youth.
Lively (superl.) Endowed with or manifesting life; living.
Lively (superl.) Gay; airy; animated; spirited.
Lively (superl.) Representing life; lifelike.
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