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Loose (a.) To relax; to loosen; to make less strict.
Loose (a.) To release from anything obligatory or burdensome; to disengage; hence, to absolve; to remit.
Loose (a.) To solve; to interpret.
Loose (a.) To untie or unbind; to free from any fastening; to remove the shackles or fastenings of; to set free; to relieve.
Loose (n.) A letting go; discharge.
Loose (n.) Freedom from restraint.
Loose (superl.) Containing or consisting of obscene or unchaste language; as, a loose epistle.
Loose (superl.) Dissolute; unchaste; as, a loose man or woman.
Loose (superl.) Free from constraint or obligation; not bound by duty, habit, etc. ; -- with from or of.
Loose (superl.) Lax; not costive; having lax bowels.
Loose (superl.) Not dense, close, compact, or crowded; as, a cloth of loose texture.
Loose (superl.) Not precise or exact; vague; indeterminate; as, a loose style, or way of reasoning.
Loose (superl.) Not strict in matters of morality; not rigid according to some standard of right.
Loose (superl.) Not tight or close; as, a loose garment.
Loose (superl.) Unbound; untied; unsewed; not attached, fastened, fixed, or confined; as, the loose sheets of a book.
Loose (superl.) Unconnected; rambling.
Loose (v. i.) To set sail.
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