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Machine (n.) A combination of persons acting together for a common purpose, with the agencies which they use; as, the social machine.
Machine (n.) A person who acts mechanically or at will of another.
Machine (n.) A political organization arranged and controlled by one or more leaders for selfish, private or partisan ends.
Machine (n.) Any mechanical contrivance, as the wooden horse with which the Greeks entered Troy; a coach; a bicycle.
Machine (n.) In general, any combination of bodies so connected that their relative motions are constrained, and by means of which force and motion may be transmitted and modified, as a screw and its nut, or a lever arranged to turn about a fulcrum or a pulley about i
Machine (n.) Supernatural agency in a poem, or a superhuman being introduced to perform some exploit.
Machine (v. t.) To subject to the action of machinery; to effect by aid of machinery; to print with a printing machine.
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