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Main (a.) Important; necessary.
Main (a.) Principal; chief; first in size, rank, importance, etc.
Main (a.) Unqualified; absolute; entire; sheer.
Main (a.) Vast; huge.
Main (a.) Very or extremely strong.
Main (a.) Very; extremely; as, main heavy.
Main (n.) A hand or match at dice.
Main (n.) A main-hamper.
Main (n.) A match at cockfighting.
Main (n.) A stake played for at dice.
Main (n.) The largest throw in a match at dice; a throw at dice within given limits, as in the game of hazard.
Main (v.) principal duct or pipe, as distinguished from lesser ones; esp. (Engin.), a principal pipe leading to or from a reservoir; as, a fire main.
Main (v.) Strength; force; might; violent effort.
Main (v.) The chief or principal part; the main or most important thing.
Main (v.) The continent, as distinguished from an island; the mainland.
Main (v.) The great sea, as distinguished from an arm, bay, etc. ; the high sea; the ocean.
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