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Majority - Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonyms: Adulthood, Excess, Superiority, Preponderance, More than half
Antonyms: Minority, Smallness, Inferiority
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Majority (n.) Ancestors; ancestry.
Majority (n.) The amount or number by which one aggregate exceeds all other aggregates with which it is contrasted; especially, the number by which the votes for a successful candidate exceed those for all other candidates; as, he is elected by a majority of five hundr
Majority (n.) The condition of being of full age, or authorized by law to manage one's own affairs.
Majority (n.) The greater number; more than half; as, a majority of mankind; a majority of the votes cast.
Majority (n.) The military rank of a major.
Majority (n.) The quality or condition of being major or greater; superiority.
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