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Mature (superl.) Brought by natural process to completeness of growth and development; fitted by growth and development for any function, action, or state, appropriate to its kind; full-grown; ripe.
Mature (superl.) Come to, or in a state of, completed suppuration.
Mature (superl.) Completely worked out; fully digested or prepared; ready for action; made ready for destined application or use; perfected; as, a mature plan.
Mature (superl.) Of or pertaining to a condition of full development; as, a man of mature years.
Mature (v. i.) Hence, to become due, as a note.
Mature (v. i.) To advance toward maturity; to become ripe; as, wine matures by age; the judgment matures by age and experience.
Mature (v. t.) To bring or hasten to maturity; to promote ripeness in; to ripen; to complete; as, to mature one's plans.
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