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Moot () of Mot
Moot (a.) Subject, or open, to argument or discussion; undecided; debatable; mooted.
Moot (n.) A meeting for discussion and deliberation; esp., a meeting of the people of a village or district, in Anglo-Saxon times, for the discussion and settlement of matters of common interest; -- usually in composition; as, folk-moot.
Moot (n.) A ring for gauging wooden pins.
Moot (v. i.) To argue or plead in a supposed case.
Moot (v. t.) Specifically: To discuss by way of exercise; to argue for practice; to propound and discuss in a mock court.
Moot (v. t.) To argue for and against; to debate; to discuss; to propose for discussion.
Moot (v.) A discussion or debate; especially, a discussion of fictitious causes by way of practice.
Moot (v.) See 1st Mot.
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