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Opinion - Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonyms: Thought, Idea, Judgment, Theory, Dogma, Tenet, Mind, Notion, Speculation, Verdict
Antonyms: Silence, Dictation, Non-committal, Execution, Order
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Opinion (n.) Favorable estimation; hence, consideration; reputation; fame; public sentiment or esteem.
Opinion (n.) Obstinacy in holding to one's belief or impression; opiniativeness; conceitedness.
Opinion (n.) That which is opined; a notion or conviction founded on probable evidence; belief stronger than impression, less strong than positive knowledge; settled judgment in regard to any point of knowledge or action.
Opinion (n.) The formal decision, or expression of views, of a judge, an umpire, a counselor, or other party officially called upon to consider and decide upon a matter or point submitted.
Opinion (n.) The judgment or sentiment which the mind forms of persons or things; estimation.
Opinion (v. t.) To opine.
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