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Overhang (n.) In a general sense, that which just out or projects; a projection; also, the measure of the projection; as, the overhang is five feet.
Overhang (n.) Specifically: The projection of an upper part (as a roof, an upper story, or other part) of a building beyond the lower part; as, the overhang of a roof, of the eaves, etc.
Overhang (n.) The portion of the bow or stem of a vessel that projects over the water beyond the water line.
Overhang (n.) The projection of a part beyond another part that is directly below it, or beyond a part by which it is supported; as, the overhang of a shaft; i. e., its projection beyond its bearing.
Overhang (v. i.) To jut over.
Overhang (v. t.) To hang over; to jut or project over.
Overhang (v. t.) To impend or hang over.
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