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Pant (n.) A quick breathing; a catching of the breath; a gasp.
Pant (n.) A violent palpitation of the heart.
Pant (v. i.) Hence: To long eagerly; to desire earnestly.
Pant (v. i.) To beat with unnatural violence or rapidity; to palpitate, or throb; -- said of the heart.
Pant (v. i.) To breathe quickly or in a labored manner, as after exertion or from eagerness or excitement; to respire with heaving of the breast; to gasp.
Pant (v. i.) To sigh; to flutter; to languish.
Pant (v. t.) To breathe forth quickly or in a labored manner; to gasp out.
Pant (v. t.) To long for; to be eager after.
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