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Paragraph (n.) A brief composition complete in one typographical section or paragraph; an item, remark, or quotation comprised in a few lines forming one paragraph; as, a column of news paragraphs; an editorial paragraph.
Paragraph (n.) A distinct part of a discourse or writing; any section or subdivision of a writing or chapter which relates to a particular point, whether consisting of one or many sentences. The division is sometimes noted by the mark /, but usually, by beginning the fi
Paragraph (n.) Originally, a marginal mark or note, set in the margin to call attention to something in the text, e. g., a change of subject; now, the character /, commonly used in the text as a reference mark to a footnote, or to indicate the place of a division into s
Paragraph (v. t.) To divide into paragraphs; to mark with the character /.
Paragraph (v. t.) To express in the compass of a paragraph; as, to paragraph an article.
Paragraph (v. t.) To mention in a paragraph or paragraphs
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