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Patience - Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonyms: Forbearance, Passiveness, Sufferance, Resignation, Endurance, Fortitude, Calmness
Antonyms: Wrath, Enrage, Enjoy, Infuriate, Vex, Displease, Inflame, Incite, Indignation, Irritation
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Patience (n.) A kind of dock (Rumex Patientia), less common in America than in Europe; monk's rhubarb.
Patience (n.) Constancy in labor or application; perseverance.
Patience (n.) Solitaire.
Patience (n.) Sufferance; permission.
Patience (n.) The act or power of calmly or contentedly waiting for something due or hoped for; forbearance.
Patience (n.) The state or quality of being patient; the power of suffering with fortitude; uncomplaining endurance of evils or wrongs, as toil, pain, poverty, insult, oppression, calamity, etc.
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