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Pen (n. & v.) To shut up, as in a pen or cage; to confine in a small inclosure or narrow space; to coop up, or shut in; to inclose.
Pen (n.) A feather.
Pen (n.) A female swan.
Pen (n.) A small inclosure; as, a pen for sheep or for pigs.
Pen (n.) A wing.
Pen (n.) An instrument used for writing with ink, formerly made of a reed, or of the quill of a goose or other bird, but now also of other materials, as of steel, gold, etc. Also, originally, a stylus or other instrument for scratching or graving.
Pen (n.) Fig.: A writer, or his style; as, he has a sharp pen.
Pen (n.) The internal shell of a squid.
Pen (v. t.) To write; to compose and commit to paper; to indite; to compose; as, to pen a sonnet.
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