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Plight () imp. & p. p. of Plight, to pledge.
Plight () imp. & p. p. of Pluck.
Plight (n.) A network; a plait; a fold; rarely a garment.
Plight (n.) Condition; state; -- risk, or exposure to danger, often being implied; as, a luckless plight.
Plight (n.) That which is exposed to risk; that which is plighted or pledged; security; a gage; a pledge.
Plight (n.) To pledge; to give as a pledge for the performance of some act; as, to plight faith, honor, word; -- never applied to property or goods.
Plight (n.) To promise; to engage; to betroth.
Plight (v. t.) To weave; to braid; to fold; to plait.
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