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Plump (a. & v.) Directly; suddenly; perpendicularly.
Plump (a.) To drop or fall suddenly or heavily, all at once.
Plump (a.) To give a plumper. See Plumper, 2.
Plump (a.) To grow plump; to swell out; as, her cheeks have plumped.
Plump (adv.) Well rounded or filled out; full; fleshy; fat; as, a plump baby; plump cheeks.
Plump (n.) A knot; a cluster; a group; a crowd; a flock; as, a plump of trees, fowls, or spears.
Plump (v. t.) To cast or let drop all at once, suddenly and heavily; as, to plump a stone into water.
Plump (v. t.) To give (a vote), as a plumper. See Plumper, 2.
Plump (v. t.) To make plump; to fill (out) or support; -- often with up.
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