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Poise (n.) To ascertain, as by the balance; to weigh.
Poise (n.) To balance; to make of equal weight; as, to poise the scales of a balance.
Poise (n.) To counterpoise; to counterbalance.
Poise (n.) To hold or place in equilibrium or equiponderance.
Poise (n.) To weigh (down); to oppress.
Poise (v. i.) To hang in equilibrium; to be balanced or suspended; hence, to be in suspense or doubt.
Poise (v.) That which causes a balance; a counterweight.
Poise (v.) The state of being balanced by equal weight or power; equipoise; balance; equilibrium; rest.
Poise (v.) The weight, or mass of metal, used in weighing, to balance the substance weighed.
Poise (v.) Weight; gravity; that which causes a body to descend; heaviness.
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