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Police (n.) A judicial and executive system, for the government of a city, town, or district, for the preservation of rights, order, cleanliness, health, etc., and for the enforcement of the laws and prevention of crime; the administration of the laws and regulations
Police (n.) Military police, the body of soldiers detailed to preserve civil order and attend to sanitary arrangements in a camp or garrison.
Police (n.) That which concerns the order of the community; the internal regulation of a state.
Police (n.) The cleaning of a camp or garrison, or the state / a camp as to cleanliness.
Police (n.) The organized body of civil officers in a city, town, or district, whose particular duties are the preservation of good order, the prevention and detection of crime, and the enforcement of the laws.
Police (v. t.) To keep in order by police.
Police (v. t.) To make clean; as, to police a camp.
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