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Prize (n.) A contest for a reward; competition.
Prize (n.) A lever; a pry; also, the hold of a lever.
Prize (n.) An honor or reward striven for in a competitive contest; anything offered to be competed for, or as an inducement to, or reward of, effort.
Prize (n.) Anything captured by a belligerent using the rights of war; esp., property captured at sea in virtue of the rights of war, as a vessel.
Prize (n.) Anything worth striving for; a valuable possession held or in prospect.
Prize (n.) Estimation; valuation.
Prize (n.) That which is taken from another; something captured; a thing seized by force, stratagem, or superior power.
Prize (n.) That which may be won by chance, as in a lottery.
Prize (v. t.) To move with a lever; to force up or open; to pry.
Prize (v. t.) To set or estimate the value of; to appraise; to price; to rate.
Prize (v. t.) To value highly; to estimate to be of great worth; to esteem.
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