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Property (a.) All the adjuncts of a play except the scenery and the dresses of the actors; stage requisites.
Property (a.) An acquired or artificial quality; that which is given by art, or bestowed by man; as, the poem has the properties which constitute excellence.
Property (a.) Propriety; correctness.
Property (a.) That to which a person has a legal title, whether in his possession or not; thing owned; an estate, whether in lands, goods, or money; as, a man of large property, or small property.
Property (a.) That which is proper to anything; a peculiar quality of a thing; that which is inherent in a subject, or naturally essential to it; an attribute; as, sweetness is a property of sugar.
Property (a.) The exclusive right of possessing, enjoying, and disposing of a thing; ownership; title.
Property (v. t.) To invest which properties, or qualities.
Property (v. t.) To make a property of; to appropriate.
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