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Punch (n.) A beverage composed of wine or distilled liquor, water (or milk), sugar, and the juice of lemon, with spice or mint; -- specifically named from the kind of spirit used; as rum punch, claret punch, champagne punch, etc.
Punch (n.) A prop, as for the roof of a mine.
Punch (n.) A short, fat fellow; anything short and thick.
Punch (n.) A thrust or blow.
Punch (n.) A tool, usually of steel, variously shaped at one end for different uses, and either solid, for stamping or for perforating holes in metallic plates and other substances, or hollow and sharpedged, for cutting out blanks, as for buttons, steel pens, jewelr
Punch (n.) An extension piece applied to the top of a pile; a dolly.
Punch (n.) One of a breed of large, heavy draught horses; as, the Suffolk punch.
Punch (n.) The buffoon or harlequin of a puppet show.
Punch (n.) To perforate or stamp with an instrument by pressure, or a blow; as, to punch a hole; to punch ticket.
Punch (v. t.) To thrust against; to poke; as, to punch one with the end of a stick or the elbow.
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