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Racket (n.) A broad wooden shoe or patten for a man or horse, to enable him to step on marshy or soft ground.
Racket (n.) A carouse; any reckless dissipation.
Racket (n.) A snowshoe formed of cords stretched across a long and narrow frame of light wood.
Racket (n.) A thin strip of wood, having the ends brought together, forming a somewhat elliptical hoop, across which a network of catgut or cord is stretched. It is furnished with a handle, and is used for catching or striking a ball in tennis and similar games.
Racket (n.) A variety of the game of tennis played with peculiar long-handled rackets; -- chiefly in the plural.
Racket (n.) Confused, clattering noise; din; noisy talk or sport.
Racket (v. i.) To carouse or engage in dissipation.
Racket (v. i.) To engage in noisy sport; to frolic.
Racket (v. i.) To make a confused noise or racket.
Racket (v. t.) To strike with, or as with, a racket.
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