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Radiate (a.) Belonging to the Radiata.
Radiate (a.) Having in a capitulum large ray florets which are unlike the disk florets, as in the aster, daisy, etc.
Radiate (a.) Having rays or parts diverging from a center; radiated; as, a radiate crystal.
Radiate (n.) One of the Radiata.
Radiate (v. i.) To emit rays; to be radiant; to shine.
Radiate (v. i.) To proceed in direct lines from a point or surface; to issue in rays, as light or heat.
Radiate (v. t.) To emit or send out in direct lines from a point or points; as, to radiate heat.
Radiate (v. t.) To enlighten; to illuminate; to shed light or brightness on; to irradiate.
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