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Rage (n.) A violent or raging wind.
Rage (n.) Especially, anger accompanied with raving; overmastering wrath; violent anger; fury.
Rage (n.) The subject of eager desire; that which is sought after, or prosecuted, with unreasonable or excessive passion; as, to be all the rage.
Rage (n.) To be furious with anger; to be exasperated to fury; to be violently agitated with passion.
Rage (n.) To be violent and tumultuous; to be violently driven or agitated; to act or move furiously; as, the raging sea or winds.
Rage (n.) To ravage; to prevail without restraint, or with destruction or fatal effect; as, the plague raged in Cairo.
Rage (n.) To toy or act wantonly; to sport.
Rage (n.) Violent excitement; eager passion; extreme vehemence of desire, emotion, or suffering, mastering the will.
Rage (v. t.) To enrage.
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