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Rare - Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonyms: Curious, Odd, Peculiar, Scarce, Unique, Infrequent, Remarkable, Unusual, Uncommon, Precious, Incomparable
Antonyms: Common, Usual, Frequent, Familiar, Hackneyed, Customary, Trite
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Rare (a.) Early.
Rare (superl.) Characterized by wide separation of parts; of loose texture; not thick or dense; thin; as, a rare atmosphere at high elevations.
Rare (superl.) Nearly raw; partially cooked; not thoroughly cooked; underdone; as, rare beef or mutton.
Rare (superl.) Not frequent; seldom met with or occurring; unusual; as, a rare event.
Rare (superl.) Of an uncommon nature; unusually excellent; valuable to a degree seldom found.
Rare (superl.) Thinly scattered; dispersed.
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