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Rate - Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonyms: Appraise, Compute, Estimate, Reckon, Assess, Price
Antonyms: Miscalculate, Underrate, Undervalue
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Rate (n.) A tax or sum assessed by authority on property for public use, according to its income or value; esp., in England, a local tax; as, parish rates; town rates.
Rate (n.) Established portion or measure; fixed allowance.
Rate (n.) Order; arrangement.
Rate (n.) Ratification; approval.
Rate (n.) That which is established as a measure or criterion; degree; standard; rank; proportion; ratio; as, a slow rate of movement; rate of interest is the ratio of the interest to the principal, per annum.
Rate (n.) The class of a merchant vessel for marine insurance, determined by its relative safety as a risk, as A1, A2, etc.
Rate (n.) The gain or loss of a timepiece in a unit of time; as, daily rate; hourly rate; etc.
Rate (n.) The order or class to which a war vessel belongs, determined according to its size, armament, etc.; as, first rate, second rate, etc.
Rate (n.) Valuation; price fixed with relation to a standard; cost; charge; as, high or low rates of transportation.
Rate (v. i.) To be set or considered in a class; to have rank; as, the ship rates as a ship of the line.
Rate (v. i.) To make an estimate.
Rate (v. t. & i.) To chide with vehemence; to scold; to censure violently.
Rate (v. t.) To assess for the payment of a rate or tax.
Rate (v. t.) To ratify.
Rate (v. t.) To set a certain estimate on; to value at a certain price or degree.
Rate (v. t.) To settle the relative scale, rank, position, amount, value, or quality of; as, to rate a ship; to rate a seaman; to rate a pension.
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