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Rattle (n.) A noisy, senseless talker; a jabberer.
Rattle (n.) A rapid succession of sharp, clattering sounds; as, the rattle of a drum.
Rattle (n.) A scolding; a sharp rebuke.
Rattle (n.) An instrument with which a rattling sound is made; especially, a child's toy that rattles when shaken.
Rattle (n.) Any organ of an animal having a structure adapted to produce a rattling sound.
Rattle (n.) Noisy, rapid talk.
Rattle (n.) The noise in the throat produced by the air in passing through mucus which the lungs are unable to expel; -- chiefly observable at the approach of death, when it is called the death rattle. See R/le.
Rattle (v. i.) To drive or ride briskly, so as to make a clattering; as, we rattled along for a couple of miles.
Rattle (v. i.) To make a clatter with the voice; to talk rapidly and idly; to clatter; -- with on or away; as, she rattled on for an hour.
Rattle (v. i.) To make a quick succession of sharp, inharmonious noises, as by the collision of hard and not very sonorous bodies shaken together; to clatter.
Rattle (v. t.) Hence, to disconcert; to confuse; as, to rattle one's judgment; to rattle a player in a game.
Rattle (v. t.) To assail, annoy, or stun with a rattling noise.
Rattle (v. t.) To cause to make a rattling or clattering sound; as, to rattle a chain.
Rattle (v. t.) To scold; to rail at.
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