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Recess (n.) A decree of the imperial diet of the old German empire.
Recess (n.) A place of retirement, retreat, secrecy, or seclusion.
Recess (n.) A sinus.
Recess (n.) A withdrawing or retiring; a moving back; retreat; as, the recess of the tides.
Recess (n.) Part of a room formed by the receding of the wall, as an alcove, niche, etc.
Recess (n.) Remission or suspension of business or procedure; intermission, as of a legislative body, court, or school.
Recess (n.) Secret or abstruse part; as, the difficulties and recesses of science.
Recess (n.) The state of being withdrawn; seclusion; privacy.
Recess (v. t.) To make a recess in; as, to recess a wall.
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