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Recite (n.) A recital.
Recite (v. i.) To repeat, pronounce, or rehearse, as before an audience, something prepared or committed to memory; to rehearse a lesson learned.
Recite (v. t.) To rehearse, as a lesson to an instructor.
Recite (v. t.) To repeat, as something already prepared, written down, committed to memory, or the like; to deliver from a written or printed document, or from recollection; to rehearse; as, to recite the words of an author, or of a deed or covenant.
Recite (v. t.) To state in or as a recital. See Recital, 5.
Recite (v. t.) To tell over; to go over in particulars; to relate; to narrate; as, to recite past events; to recite the particulars of a voyage.
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