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Reflection (n.) A part reflected, or turned back, at an angle; as, the reflection of a membrane.
Reflection (n.) An image given back from a reflecting surface; a reflected counterpart.
Reflection (n.) Censure; reproach cast.
Reflection (n.) Result of meditation; thought or opinion after attentive consideration or contemplation; especially, thoughts suggested by truth.
Reflection (n.) Shining; brightness, as of the sun.
Reflection (n.) That which is produced by reflection.
Reflection (n.) The act of reflecting, or turning or sending back, or the state of being reflected.
Reflection (n.) The return of rays, beams, sound, or the like, from a surface. See Angle of reflection, below.
Reflection (n.) The reverting of the mind to that which has already occupied it; continued consideration; meditation; contemplation; hence, also, that operation or power of the mind by which it is conscious of its own acts or states; the capacity for judging rationally,
Reflection (n.) The transference of an excitement from one nerve fiber to another by means of the nerve cells, as in reflex action. See Reflex action, under Reflex.
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