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Remark (n.) Act of remarking or attentively noticing; notice or observation.
Remark (n.) The expression, in speech or writing, of something remarked or noticed; the mention of that which is worthy of attention or notice; hence, also, a casual observation, comment, or statement; as, a pertinent remark.
Remark (n.) To express in words or writing, as observed or noticed; to state; to say; -- often with a substantive clause; as, he remarked that it was time to go.
Remark (n.) To mark in a notable manner; to distinquish clearly; to make noticeable or conspicuous; to piont out.
Remark (n.) To take notice of, or to observe, mentally; as, to remark the manner of a speaker.
Remark (v. i.) To make a remark or remarks; to comment.
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