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Remit (v. i.) To abate in force or in violence; to grow less intense; to become moderated; to abate; to relax; as, a fever remits; the severity of the weather remits.
Remit (v. i.) To send money, as in payment.
Remit (v. t.) To forgive; to pardon; to remove.
Remit (v. t.) To refrain from exacting or enforcing; as, to remit the performance of an obligation.
Remit (v. t.) To relax in intensity; to make less violent; to abate.
Remit (v. t.) To restore.
Remit (v. t.) To send back; to give up; to surrender; to resign.
Remit (v. t.) To send off or away; hence: (a) To refer or direct (one) for information, guidance, help, etc. "Remitting them . . . to the works of Galen." Sir T. Elyot. (b) To submit, refer, or leave (something) for judgment or decision.
Remit (v. t.) To transmit or send, esp. to a distance, as money in payment of a demand, account, draft, etc.; as, he remitted the amount by mail.
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