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Repeal - Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonyms: Abolish, Revoke, Nullify, Reverse, Annul, Rescind
Antonyms: Substantiate, Ratify, Endorse, Confirm, Assent
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Repeal (n.) Recall, as from exile.
Repeal (n.) Revocation; abrogation; as, the repeal of a statute; the repeal of a law or a usage.
Repeal (v. t.) To recall, as a deed, will, law, or statute; to revoke; to rescind or abrogate by authority, as by act of the legislature; as, to repeal a law.
Repeal (v. t.) To recall; to summon again, as persons.
Repeal (v. t.) To suppress; to repel.
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