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Repose (v. i.) Figuratively, to remain or abide restfully without anxiety or alarms.
Repose (v. i.) To lie at rest; to rest.
Repose (v. i.) To lie; to be supported; as, trap reposing on sand.
Repose (v.) A lying at rest; sleep; rest; quiet.
Repose (v.) A rest; a pause.
Repose (v.) Rest of mind; tranquillity; freedom from uneasiness; also, a composed manner or deportment.
Repose (v.) That harmony or moderation which affords rest for the eye; -- opposed to the scattering and division of a subject into too many unconnected parts, and also to anything which is overstrained; as, a painting may want repose.
Repose (v.) To cause to stop or to rest after motion; hence, to deposit; to lay down; to lodge; to reposit.
Repose (v.) To lay at rest; to cause to be calm or quiet; to compose; to rest, -- often reflexive; as, to repose one's self on a couch.
Repose (v.) To place, have, or rest; to set; to intrust.
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