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Rout (n.) A bellowing; a shouting; noise; clamor; uproar; disturbance; tumult.
Rout (n.) A disorderly and tumultuous crowd; a mob; hence, the rabble; the herd of common people.
Rout (n.) A disturbance of the peace by persons assembled together with intent to do a thing which, if executed, would make them rioters, and actually making a motion toward the executing thereof.
Rout (n.) A fashionable assembly, or large evening party.
Rout (n.) A troop; a throng; a company; an assembly; especially, a traveling company or throng.
Rout (n.) The state of being disorganized and thrown into confusion; -- said especially of an army defeated, broken in pieces, and put to flight in disorder or panic; also, the act of defeating and breaking up an army; as, the rout of the enemy was complete.
Rout (v. i.) To assemble in a crowd, whether orderly or disorderly; to collect in company.
Rout (v. i.) To roar; to bellow; to snort; to snore loudly.
Rout (v. i.) To search or root in the ground, as a swine.
Rout (v. t.) To break the ranks of, as troops, and put them to flight in disorder; to put to rout.
Rout (v. t.) To scoop out with a gouge or other tool; to furrow.
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