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Rubric (a.) Alt. of Rubrical
Rubric (n.) A titlepage, or part of it, especially that giving the date and place of printing; also, the initial letters, etc., when printed in red.
Rubric (n.) Hence, that which is established or settled, as by authority; a thing definitely settled or fixed.
Rubric (n.) That part of any work in the early manuscripts and typography which was colored red, to distinguish it from other portions.
Rubric (n.) The directions and rules for the conduct of service, formerly written or printed in red; hence, also, an ecclesiastical or episcopal injunction; -- usually in the plural.
Rubric (n.) The title of a statute; -- so called as being anciently written in red letters.
Rubric (v. t.) To adorn ith red; to redden; to rubricate.
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