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Saw () imp. of See.
Saw (imp.) of See
Saw (n.) An instrument for cutting or dividing substances, as wood, iron, etc., consisting of a thin blade, or plate, of steel, with a series of sharp teeth on the edge, which remove successive portions of the material by cutting and tearing.
Saw (v. i.) To be cut with a saw; as, the timber saws smoothly.
Saw (v. i.) To cut, as a saw; as, the saw or mill saws fast.
Saw (v. i.) To use a saw; to practice sawing; as, a man saws well.
Saw (v. t.) A saying; a proverb; a maxim.
Saw (v. t.) Also used figuratively; as, to saw the air.
Saw (v. t.) Dictate; command; decree.
Saw (v. t.) Something said; speech; discourse.
Saw (v. t.) To cut with a saw; to separate with a saw; as, to saw timber or marble.
Saw (v. t.) To form by cutting with a saw; as, to saw boards or planks, that is, to saw logs or timber into boards or planks; to saw shingles; to saw out a panel.
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