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Sconce (p. p.) A fixed seat or shelf.
Sconce (p. p.) A fortification, or work for defense; a fort.
Sconce (p. p.) A fragment of a floe of ice.
Sconce (p. p.) A hut for protection and shelter; a stall.
Sconce (p. p.) A piece of armor for the head; headpiece; helmet.
Sconce (p. p.) A poll tax; a mulct or fine.
Sconce (p. p.) A protection for a light; a lantern or cased support for a candle; hence, a fixed hanging or projecting candlestick.
Sconce (p. p.) A squinch.
Sconce (p. p.) Fig.: The head; the skull; also, brains; sense; discretion.
Sconce (p. p.) Hence, the circular tube, with a brim, in a candlestick, into which the candle is inserted.
Sconce (v. t.) To mulct; to fine.
Sconce (v. t.) To shut up in a sconce; to imprison; to insconce.
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