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Scramble (n.) The act of jostling and pushing for something desired; eager and unceremonious struggle for what is thrown or held out; as, a scramble for office.
Scramble (n.) The act of scrambling, climbing on all fours, or clambering.
Scramble (v. i.) To clamber with hands and knees; to scrabble; as, to scramble up a cliff; to scramble over the rocks.
Scramble (v. i.) To struggle eagerly with others for something thrown upon the ground; to go down upon all fours to seize something; to catch rudely at what is desired.
Scramble (v. t.) To collect by scrambling; as, to scramble up wealth.
Scramble (v. t.) To prepare (eggs) as a dish for the table, by stirring the yolks and whites together while cooking.
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