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Secular (a.) Belonging to the laity; lay; not clerical.
Secular (a.) Coming or observed once in an age or a century.
Secular (a.) Not regular; not bound by monastic vows or rules; not confined to a monastery, or subject to the rules of a religious community; as, a secular priest.
Secular (a.) Of or pertaining to this present world, or to things not spiritual or holy; relating to temporal as distinguished from eternal interests; not immediately or primarily respecting the soul, but the body; worldly.
Secular (a.) Pertaining to an age, or the progress of ages, or to a long period of time; accomplished in a long progress of time; as, secular inequality; the secular refrigeration of the globe.
Secular (n.) A church official whose functions are confined to the vocal department of the choir.
Secular (n.) A layman, as distinguished from a clergyman.
Secular (n.) A secular ecclesiastic, or one not bound by monastic rules.
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