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Sequester (n.) A person with whom two or more contending parties deposit the subject matter of the controversy; one who mediates between two parties; a mediator; an umpire or referee.
Sequester (n.) Same as Sequestrum.
Sequester (n.) Sequestration; separation.
Sequester (v. i.) To renounce (as a widow may) any concern with the estate of her husband.
Sequester (v. i.) To withdraw; to retire.
Sequester (v. t.) To cause (one) to submit to the process of sequestration; to deprive (one) of one's estate, property, etc.
Sequester (v. t.) To cause to retire or withdraw into obscurity; to seclude; to withdraw; -- often used reflexively.
Sequester (v. t.) To separate from the owner for a time; to take from parties in controversy and put into the possession of an indifferent person; to seize or take possession of, as property belonging to another, and hold it till the profits have paid the demand for which
Sequester (v. t.) To set apart; to put aside; to remove; to separate from other things.
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