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Shock - Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonyms: Scare, Dismay, Offend, Outrage, Blow, Collision, Tremor, Disgust
Antonyms: Delight, Gladden, Please
Shock - Meaning from English-Bangla Dictionary
Pronunciation (উচ্চারন শুনুন)
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Shock (a.) Bushy; shaggy; as, a shock hair.
Shock (n.) A dog with long hair or shag; -- called also shockdog.
Shock (n.) A lot consisting of sixty pieces; -- a term applied in some Baltic ports to loose goods.
Shock (n.) A pile or assemblage of sheaves of grain, as wheat, rye, or the like, set up in a field, the sheaves varying in number from twelve to sixteen; a stook.
Shock (n.) A quivering or shaking which is the effect of a blow, collision, or violent impulse; a blow, impact, or collision; a concussion; a sudden violent impulse or onset.
Shock (n.) A sudden agitation of the mind or feelings; a sensation of pleasure or pain caused by something unexpected or overpowering; also, a sudden agitating or overpowering event.
Shock (n.) A sudden depression of the vital forces of the entire body, or of a port of it, marking some profound impression produced upon the nervous system, as by severe injury, overpowering emotion, or the like.
Shock (n.) A thick mass of bushy hair; as, a head covered with a shock of sandy hair.
Shock (n.) The sudden convulsion or contraction of the muscles, with the feeling of a concussion, caused by the discharge, through the animal system, of electricity from a charged body.
Shock (v. i.) To be occupied with making shocks.
Shock (v. i.) To meet with a shock; to meet in violent encounter.
Shock (v. t.) To collect, or make up, into a shock or shocks; to stook; as, to shock rye.
Shock (v.) To give a shock to; to cause to shake or waver; hence, to strike against suddenly; to encounter with violence.
Shock (v.) To strike with surprise, terror, horror, or disgust; to cause to recoil; as, his violence shocked his associates.
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