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Shuffle (n.) A trick; an artifice; an evasion.
Shuffle (n.) The act of shuffling; a mixing confusedly; a slovenly, dragging motion.
Shuffle (v. i.) To change one's position; to shift ground; to evade questions; to resort to equivocation; to prevaricate.
Shuffle (v. i.) To change the relative position of cards in a pack; as, to shuffle and cut.
Shuffle (v. i.) To move in a slovenly, dragging manner; to drag or scrape the feet in walking or dancing.
Shuffle (v. i.) To use arts or expedients; to make shift.
Shuffle (v. t.) To mix by pushing or shoving; to confuse; to throw into disorder; especially, to change the relative positions of, as of the cards in a pack.
Shuffle (v. t.) To remove or introduce by artificial confusion.
Shuffle (v. t.) To shove one way and the other; to push from one to another; as, to shuffle money from hand to hand.
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