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Sincere - Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonyms: Genuine, True, Frank, Heart, Honest, Open, Wholehearted
Antonyms: Affected, Untrue, Feigned, Half- hearted, Hypocritical, Insincere, Pretended
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Sincere (superl.) Being in reality what it appears to be; having a character which corresponds with the appearance; not falsely assumed; genuine; true; real; as, a sincere desire for knowledge; a sincere contempt for meanness.
Sincere (superl.) Honest; free from hypocrisy or dissimulation; as, a sincere friend; a sincere person.
Sincere (superl.) Pure; unmixed; unadulterated.
Sincere (superl.) Whole; perfect; unhurt; uninjured.
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