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Sluice (n.) A long box or trough through which water flows, -- used for washing auriferous earth.
Sluice (n.) An artifical passage for water, fitted with a valve or gate, as in a mill stream, for stopping or regulating the flow; also, a water gate or flood gate.
Sluice (n.) Hence, an opening or channel through which anything flows; a source of supply.
Sluice (n.) The stream flowing through a flood gate.
Sluice (v. t.) To emit by, or as by, flood gates.
Sluice (v. t.) To wash with, or in, a stream of water running through a sluice; as, to sluice eart or gold dust in mining.
Sluice (v. t.) To wet copiously, as by opening a sluice; as, to sluice meadows.
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