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Smother (v. i.) To be suffocated or stifled.
Smother (v. i.) To burn slowly, without sufficient air; to smolder.
Smother (v. t.) A state of suppression.
Smother (v. t.) Hence, to repress the action of; to cover from public view; to suppress; to conceal; as, to smother one's displeasure.
Smother (v. t.) Stifling smoke; thick dust.
Smother (v. t.) To affect as by suffocation; to stife; to deprive of air by a thick covering, as of ashes, of smoke, or the like; as, to smother a fire.
Smother (v. t.) To destroy the life of by suffocation; to deprive of the air necessary for life; to cover up closely so as to prevent breathing; to suffocate; as, to smother a child.
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