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Spiritual (a.) Consisting of spirit; not material; incorporeal; as, a spiritual substance or being.
Spiritual (a.) Not lay or temporal; relating to sacred things; ecclesiastical; as, the spiritual functions of the clergy; lords spiritual and temporal; a spiritual corporation.
Spiritual (a.) Of or pertaining to the intellectual and higher endowments of the mind; mental; intellectual.
Spiritual (a.) Of or pertaining to the moral feelings or states of the soul, as distinguished from the external actions; reaching and affecting the spirits.
Spiritual (a.) Of or pertaining to the soul or its affections as influenced by the Spirit; controlled and inspired by the divine Spirit; proceeding from the Holy Spirit; pure; holy; divine; heavenly-minded; -- opposed to carnal.
Spiritual (n.) A spiritual function, office, or affair. See Spirituality, 2.
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