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Spur (n.) A brace strengthening a post and some connected part, as a rafter or crossbeam; a strut.
Spur (n.) A curved piece of timber serving as a half to support the deck where a whole beam can not be placed.
Spur (n.) A mountain that shoots from any other mountain, or range of mountains, and extends to some distance in a lateral direction, or at right angles.
Spur (n.) A piece of timber fixed on the bilge ways before launching, having the upper ends bolted to the vessel's side.
Spur (n.) A projection from the round base of a column, occupying the angle of a square plinth upon which the base rests, or bringing the bottom bed of the base to a nearly square form. It is generally carved in leafage.
Spur (n.) A sparrow.
Spur (n.) A spiked iron worn by seamen upon the bottom of the boot, to enable them to stand upon the carcass of a whale, to strip off the blubber.
Spur (n.) A tern.
Spur (n.) A wall that crosses a part of a rampart and joins to an inner wall.
Spur (n.) An implement secured to the heel, or above the heel, of a horseman, to urge the horse by its pressure. Modern spurs have a small wheel, or rowel, with short points. Spurs were the badge of knighthood.
Spur (n.) Any projecting appendage of a flower looking like a spur.
Spur (n.) Any stiff, sharp spine, as on the wings and legs of certain burds, on the legs of insects, etc.; especially, the spine on a cock's leg.
Spur (n.) Ergotized rye or other grain.
Spur (n.) One of the large or principal roots of a tree.
Spur (n.) Something that projects; a snag.
Spur (n.) That which goads to action; an incitement.
Spur (n.) The short wooden buttress of a post.
Spur (v. i.) To spur on one' horse; to travel with great expedition; to hasten; hence, to press forward in any pursuit.
Spur (v. t.) To prick with spurs; to incite to a more hasty pace; to urge or goad; as, to spur a horse.
Spur (v. t.) To put spurs on; as, a spurred boot.
Spur (v. t.) To urge or encourage to action, or to a more vigorous pursuit of an object; to incite; to stimulate; to instigate; to impel; to drive.
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